Source: Peter "Dr. Pete" Gray, Disgraced University Of Iowa Athletics Adviser, Hung Out At Local Gay Bars, Was Hired On The Condition That He Not Get Mired In A Public Sex Scandal

Yesterday, we brought you the story of Peter Gray, an athletics adviser at the University of Iowa recently investigated by his employer. The university found evidence of long-term sexual harassment of students and cases of Gray bartering for sex with tickets to Iowa sporting events. The complaint against Gray listed… »11/11/12 9:20am11/11/12 9:20am

Report: University Of Iowa Athletics Adviser Traded Tickets For Sex, Had Harassed Students Since The 1990s

An internal investigation of Peter Gray, senior academics adviser for the University of Iowa Athletics Department and staff member for about 13 years total, has turned up a laundry list of inappropriate behavior, all sexual in nature, mostly involving students in some form or another. Gray allegedly traded tickets and… »11/10/12 9:15am11/10/12 9:15am

Iowa Gives Coaching Award To Man Whose Workout Sent 13 Players To The Hospital

Back in January, 13 Iowa football players were hospitalized for treatment of "exertional rhabdomyolysis," or an "acute breakdown of muscle fibers resulting in the release of muscle fiber contents (myoglobin) into the bloodstream." Basically, the Hawkeyes were pushed too hard in their workout routine, which was… »4/25/11 11:50am4/25/11 11:50am

Luddite University of Iowa Athletic Department Limits Blogging at Games

Before Kirk Ferentz's press conference yesterday a blogging policy was passed out to credentialed media members. What did this policy state? Well, here goes »9/05/08 4:30pm9/05/08 4:30pm, "The following is the NCAA’s policy for the number of blogs allowed during a competition or session (i.e., where more than one contest takes place under the…

University of Iowa Athletic Staff Conspired to Cover Up a Sexual Assault?

A fellow student-athlete at Iowa alleged she was sexually assaulted by two football players on October 14, 2007. Within 36 hours of the assault the victim reported the incident to the highest levels of the Iowa Athletic department. Including athletic director Gary Barta, head football coach Kirk Ferentz, associate… »7/21/08 4:30pm7/21/08 4:30pm