Judge Rules V. Stiviano Must Return $2.6 Million To Shelly Sterling

Before the world knew V. Stiviano as the girlfriend former Clippers owner Donald Sterling made racist comments to on tape, Shelly Sterling was suing her for $2.8 million. Shelly Sterling’s lawyers argued in court that that, because she and Donald Sterling are married and their assets are community property,… »4/15/15 1:41am4/15/15 1:41am


Donald Sterling: I Was Only Saying Racist Things To Get Laid

Donald Sterling should probably go ahead and assume everything he says is being recorded. In the past two days, two recordings of Sterling talking to a friend on the phone have popped up on Radar Online. In both, he insists he's not racist, and tries to justify the leaked audio that got him pushed out of the NBA. In… »5/09/14 4:17pm5/09/14 4:17pm

V. Stiviano Appears On 20/20, Says Donald Sterling Is Not A Racist

While Donald Sterling spurned his date with Barbara Walters, V. Stiviano did appear on 20/20 this evening and told the ABC host that she believes the banned Clippers owner "comes from a different time," but is not a racist—and that they are still a couple. Other revelations: Sterling's been paying her off the books,… »5/02/14 11:00pm5/02/14 11:00pm

Sterling Lawsuit Against Mistress Is Funny, Not About Embezzlement

When news broke last Friday of the Donald Sterling audio, we noted that Sterling's mistress/girlfriend, V. Stiviano, was being sued by the Clippers owner's wife, Rochelle. The official statement from the team claimed that Stiviano "is the defendant in a lawsuit brought by the Sterling family alleging that she… »4/29/14 9:15am4/29/14 9:15am

What The Hell Is Going On With V. Stiviano's Weird Visor?

V. Stiviano—as you'll recall, she's the woman with whom Donald Sterling was discussing his interesting ideas about race in a recent, much-circulated recording—briefly emerged from her home today, and was met by a swarm of media. Unfortunately for those hoping to snap a picture of Stiviano, she was wearing some kind… »4/28/14 3:44pm4/28/14 3:44pm