Kissing Riot Couple's Zapruder Film Proves Their Blissful Moment Was Not Staged

Of course you remember the golden Vancouver riot couple, forever commemorated in this photo, their newfound love a port in a storm of tear gas and riot shields. Well, some folks wrote that the photo might have been staged—it seemed too perfect, too cinematic. We understood. Oh, this postmodern world. »6/24/11 1:25pm6/24/11 1:25pm

Postcard From Western Canada: Vancouver Flames And Calgary Canucks

FORT McMURRAY, ALBERTA — During the nine months I've lived in Canada, I've abandoned my image of Canadians as a bunch of northern Minnesotans with their pinkies extended, single-payer health care and Queen Elizabeth's plump mugshot on every single coin in their snap-purses. They truly are a more polite, more svelte… »6/17/11 6:13pm6/17/11 6:13pm

There Was The Dumb Drunk Portion Of The Vancouver Riots, And Then Things Got Sinister

At about the three-minute mark in this video, the band of drunks redirects its impotent rage onto a man (described in the YouTube video as a security guard) who tries to keep them from smashing the department store windows. I'm still trying to make sense of when a sports-related riot shifts from being about… »6/16/11 9:45am6/16/11 9:45am