Russian Tennis Prez Fined For Calling Venus & Serena "Williams Brothers"

Shamil Tarpischev, president of the Russian Tennis Federation, has been fined and suspended for some offensive comments he made about the Williams sisters on Russian late-night TV. Specifically, he referred to the players as the "Williams brothers" and called their looks "frightening." » 10/18/14 10:56am 10/18/14 10:56am

Single Bee Delays U.S. Open Match, Nearly Outwits Three Ballkids

A stubborn bee with a really excellent sense of comic timing caused a brief delay during a first-round match at the U.S. Open, pestering Kimiko Date-Krumm to the point where three ballkids had to come out and put on a slapstick routine in an attempt to chase it away. » 8/25/14 3:37pm 8/25/14 3:37pm

Dazed And Uncoordinated Serena Williams Retires From Doubles Match

Something really weird was going on with Serena Williams at Wimbledon today. Two games into her and her sister's doubles match against Kristina Barrois and Stefanie Vogele, Serena suddenly became very disoriented and physically unable to hold onto the ball or hit a serve. It was scary to watch. » 7/01/14 12:22pm 7/01/14 12:22pm

Venus Williams Crashes In First Round At Wimbledon

Grass is Venus Williams's favorite surface. Even if she's been fading everywhere else for some time—she hasn't been to a final of a non-Wimbledon Grand Slam in nine years—she would reliably muster up a respectable (and sometimes dominant!) performance in England. » 6/25/12 10:28am 6/25/12 10:28am

Sports Radio Personality Sid Rosenberg Arrested For DUI After Cops…

Sid Rosenberg is (was?) a sports radio personality in Miami. You may remember him from his days as a sports sidekick on the Imus program, where he was no stranger to controversy—including his "quip" noting Venus and Serena Williams would be better off in National Geographic than Playboy. Real solid guy. » 4/07/12 11:34am 4/07/12 11:34am

Venus Williams Drops Out Of U.S. Open

Three days into the U.S. Open, Venus Williams has withdrawn from the tournament, saying she suffers from pain and fatigue caused by an autoimmune disorder called Sjogren's Syndrome. » 8/31/11 5:15pm 8/31/11 5:15pm

Serena And Tennis Have A Tearful Reunion At Wimbledon

This is the moment that tennis has been waiting for: its reluctant female lead in joyful tears after her triumphant return to Grand Slam tennis. The SportsCenter tribute is next. Serena Williams won her first-round match against Arvane Rezai in three sets today, 6-3, 3-6, 6-1, and was in tears when the BBC caught up… » 6/21/11 11:00am 6/21/11 11:00am

Venus Serena Williams Returns To The Court In Fabulous Pink Catwoman…

When one comes back from injury, one should do it in style. Maybe Venus Serena will wear the mask part of this ensemble for her French Open warmup tournament in Brussels next month. Please. Photo via Serenawilliams twitter. » 4/12/11 1:20pm 4/12/11 1:20pm

Playboy Alum From Poland Purchases Soccer Team

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and internets to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 1/22/11 9:00am 1/22/11 9:00am

Venus Williams's Muscular Buttocks Make Another Appearance

We've spent a lot of bandwidth discussing whether Venus Williams wears underwear or not. Her French Open outfit yesterday did little to settle the matter. [NYDN] » 5/24/10 11:20am 5/24/10 11:20am

Confused Sports Radio Guy Thinks That I, Napkin Gladwell, Photographed…

Look here, Rob Buska, whoever you are. I am Napkin Gladwell, journalist and bestselling author of books people read on airplanes. I am not a photographer. I am not in Australia. And I was certainly not "snapping" Venus Williams's "goods." » 1/26/10 3:35pm 1/26/10 3:35pm

Mark Sanchez Graduates From Poise To Chutzpah

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and the blogosphere to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 1/23/10 11:15am 1/23/10 11:15am

Excerpts From "Underlying Ass(ets): What Venus Williams's Bottom Tells…

Napkin Gladwell is a journalist and bestselling author of books people read on airplanes. He occasionally provides Deadspin with excerpts of his upcoming essays. » 1/22/10 5:15pm 1/22/10 5:15pm

Did Venus Go Commando?

The most pressing question of our time is, naturally, was Venus Williams wearing underwear at the Australian Open yesterday? We dig deep, breaking down the footage, to give you a definitive answer. » 1/20/10 2:00am 1/20/10 2:00am

Moon of Venus: It Appears One Williams Sister Forgot To Wear Her…

This just in from a reader named Luke who's watching the Australian Open highlights on ESPN2: Thong? No unders? Huh? Just on espn2 moments ago.... Raw hiney, after the jump. (NSFWish?) » 1/19/10 3:55pm 1/19/10 3:55pm

Put Your Hand Up If You Don't Own The Dolphins

Not so fast, Williams sisters. Venus and Serena join Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez as minority owners in Miami. "Minority" meaning as opposed to majority owners, not as opposed to white people. [AP] » 8/20/09 3:00am 8/20/09 3:00am

Sisters Are Hogging Wimbledon Titles For Themselves [UPDATED]

The women's final at Wimbledon is underway, and it's the Williams sisters meeting in it for the fourth time. Who will win? Who will lose? You'll have to wait (or call Richard Williams) to find out! » 7/04/09 10:00am 7/04/09 10:00am

Venus Williams Disappoints Oreo Double Stuff Marketing Department

Sixth-seeded Venus Williams loses, failing to face her sister in the Australian Open final—which is just rude, don't you think? [ Open News » 1/22/09 11:15am 1/22/09 11:15am]

It's The Williams Sisters...Again

Venus and Serena Williams each won their semi-final match-up and will meet in the Wimbledon Finals for the third time. Serena usually beats up on her sister in Grand Slam matches, winning five out of the six times they've met. » 7/03/08 4:15pm 7/03/08 4:15pm