This Is Perhaps The Most Moronic Argument In Sports Radio History

Yesterday, we told you about local-sports-reporter-turned-vigilante Vic Lombardi defacing Joe Flacco posters in downtown Denver. For whatever reason, Glenn Clark of WNST in Baltimore was pissed about this, and got into a Twitter spat with Lombardi. That led to Lombardi calling into Clark's radio show, at which point… »8/28/13 12:20pm8/28/13 12:20pm


Denver Sports Reporter Turns Vigilante, Defaces Joe Flacco Banners

Because of scheduling complications, the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens will be playing on the road during the NFL's Thursday night opener, a game which the previous year's champion customarily gets to play at home. This has led to some awkwardness from a marketing standpoint, as the NFL has placed pro-Ravens… »8/27/13 6:11pm8/27/13 6:11pm