Audio: Kids Bombard Davidson With Messages For Steph Curry

During Steph Curry’s journey to the Finals, his alma mater’s been getting calls from kids wanting things: Shoes, visits, even contact information for Curry’s agent for NBA tryouts. Davidson men’s basketball SID Joey Beeler said he got over 40 calls in two days this week. (Beeler had to change his number.) Here are… »6/10/15 5:01pm6/10/15 5:01pm


Listen To Manti Te'o's Voicemails From Lennay Kekua/Ronaiah Tuiasosopo

In advance of this afternoon's interview, Katie Couric's show has released recordings of three voicemails provided by Manti Te'o. The messages were left on Te'o's phone by who he believed was Lennay Kekua. As the Daily News reported this morning, hoaxer Ronaiah Tuiasosopo claims he disguised his voice over the phone,… »1/24/13 1:20pm1/24/13 1:20pm

Pissed-Off College Student Leaves Greatest Voicemail Ever

If you've ever attended school at any level, you know how infuriating it can be when some dipshit administrator screws up your paperwork and sticks you in the wrong class. Or even worse, when they actively try to prevent you from switching out of that class into the class you wanted. Well, one brave college student… »5/31/12 4:30pm5/31/12 4:30pm