Report: FSU And Tallahassee Cops Obstructed Jameis Winston Investigation

Fox Sports has published a story about the handling of the sexual assault allegations against Jameis Winston; we'll surely be unpacking it all weekend. Citing thousands of pages of documents obtained through a series of public records requests, reporter Kevin Vaughan declares that both FSU administrators and… »10/10/14 7:39pm10/10/14 7:39pm


Pols, Press Thought Winston State Atty Presser Was A Barrel Of Laughs

Once word leaked Florida State quarterback and Heisman favorite Jameis Winston wouldn't be charged with rape, today's televised press conference with state attorney Willie Meggs didn't seem to have much purpose. The Seminole alum-turned-prosecutor decided, then, to turn it into his own amateur hour at the Improv. »12/05/13 3:21pm12/05/13 3:21pm