Nick, The Cubs Threw Out Your Grandma’s Personalized Brick

Nick, my man, we have some bad news. Remember when your sweet grandma bought a commemorative brick to be placed outside of Wrigley Field, one that would stand as a testament to her love for you and the Cubbies forever? Well, the Cubs just made a sucker out of your sweet grandma, because they threw that brick in the… »5/19/15 5:20pm5/19/15 5:20pm

Cubs Make "Confines Friendlier" By Constructing Anti-Autograph Barrier

Holy cow! It may be a beautiful day for baseball in Chicago, but for fans seeking a close-up glimpse of their favorite Cubs player these are dark days indeed. That’s because, as reported over on the very essential Wrigley Renovations Twitter account, the club erected a barrier to keep fans from interacting with… »4/18/15 11:08am4/18/15 11:08am

Wrigley Field Bathrooms Will Be Ready Next Month, Maybe

Thanks to a rainout without rain, today is Game No. 2 for Wrigley Field, which revealed on opening night that its renovations had left it painfully, pants-pissingly short of functional bathrooms. The Cubs have addressed the situation by trucking in 72 portable toilets, to be split between the left-field concourse and… »4/08/15 3:55pm4/08/15 3:55pm

Cubs Postpone Game On Account Of Rain; Rain Doesn't Show Up

After a disastrous opening night that saw fans peeing in cups to avoid enormous lines for the bathroom, the Cubs hauled in portable toilets in an effort to remedy the situation for future games. They didn’t get to try them out, however, because the club skipped their second game Tuesday night, postponing it due to… »4/08/15 1:55pm4/08/15 1:55pm

"An Absolute Shit Show": Tales From The Wrigley Field Bathroom Lines

Despite the Cubs’ increasingly emphatic insistence otherwise, Wrigley Field was not ready for opening day. Even beyond the expected absence of bleachers, the stadium’s infrastructure was apparently overwhelmed by the gameday crowd, with bathroom lines stretching through the concourse and back out into the stands. »4/06/15 8:45am4/06/15 8:45am

Cool 1930s Home Video Shows A Day Out At Wrigley Field

This is a pretty cool home video of a bunch of guys sitting around in fedoras and smoking cigars while watching a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, shot in either 1937 or 1938. The video belongs to the Chicago Film Archive and has been up on their website since 2012, but was only put on YouTube this week. DNAinfo explains… »2/03/15 7:31pm2/03/15 7:31pm

Cubs Pretend Their History Doesn't Include Sammy Sosa

Wrigley Field's 100th anniversary was attended by Cubs players across the generations, from Ernie Banks to Fergie Jenkins to Milt Pappas to Gary Matthews to Lee Smith to Andre Dawson to Ryan freaking Dempster, but noticeable by his absence was Chicago's best, most loved, and most important player of the last 30 years. »4/23/14 5:13pm4/23/14 5:13pm