A Zac Efron Movie About DJs: Why?

Alternate headlines for this post include: Don’t Make Movies About DJs, Just Don’t; See Dozens Of White Boys Jump Into A Pool; and What Steve Aoki Hath Wrought. Inspired by Diplo’s Instagram account and written by a fifth-year named Tad with a closet full of neon tanks, here is a trailer for a movie called We Are Your… »5/19/15 2:21pm5/19/15 2:21pm


I Guess This Is Growing Up: Neighbors, Reviewed

1. Neighbors is your typical Seth Rogen/Apatowian coming-of-age comedy, in which an overgrown manboy learns that he has to curtail his childish pursuits of weed, video games, and general irresponsibility to become a functional member of society. (They've now cranked out a decade's worth of movies about accepting adult… »5/09/14 1:16pm5/09/14 1:16pm

Watch Your Favorite Actors Humiliate Themselves In The Paperboy, The Worst Movie Of The Year

In 2003, Matthew McConaughey starred in a film called Tiptoes that went straight to video. It might seem odd that this film would go straight to video, considering its cast included McConaughey, Kate Beckinsale, Gary Oldman, Patricia Arquette, and Peter Dinklage. But then you see what the film was about: »10/04/12 5:45pm10/04/12 5:45pm

The Lucky One and Think Like a Man: Hollywood Wants You to Have a Terrible Love Life

Like a lot of people, I learned about relationships at a young age by watching movies and TV shows. Only now in my adult life do I realize how much influence Cheers and Woody Allen and L.A. Story had on me: They helped to create a sense that love was this melancholy thing that rarely lasted, no matter how hard you… »4/19/12 3:33pm4/19/12 3:33pm

One Armand De Brignac Nebuchadnezzar For Only $100,000! An Unscientific Analysis Of The Zac-Efron-And-Heather-Graham-Inspired Chicago Bar Bill

People are making a big deal out of the epic bar tab this week (full version here), but I don't see why. Far as I can tell, it was just another Tuesday night in the Board Room, Chicago's epicenter of cool. Another Tuesday night with the top people in the Midwest. Have you been to the Board Room? It's awesome. Let me… »10/06/11 4:50pm10/06/11 4:50pm