Yesterday, a judge ordered the unsealing of search warrants and affidavits in the case of Aaron Hernandez. Neither the prosecution nor the defense objected, so at 2 p.m. today the material—156 pages of it—was handed out to media at the courtroom.

Reporters are livetweeting the material as they go through it. We'll be updating here with the interesting stuff.

More items seized:


According to the Herald, police collected bodily fluids from Hernandez's home, and conducted a gunshot residue test on his mattress.

Via Brian Ballou of the Globe, here's what Hernandez's girlfriend told police about the night of the murder:


The document indicated that when Jenkins was told about Odin Lloyd's death, "she immediately began to cry."

Also via Ballou, Hernandez was apparently neighbors with an unnamed Patriots coach:

Details on text messages and calls exchanged by Hernandez and Odin Lloyd on the night of the murder:

How did police figure out it was Hernandez's number, before they were able to subpoena the phone company? Easy:

Along with the Herald's, the Globe and the Hartford Courant now have their write-ups posted.