The Rocket Frog Photoshop contest went about as well as we could have hoped. You all did right by Rocket Frog, the 21st century's most important icon. Here are the best of your submissions, as well as your winner.

via Wendel Clark Bar

via Captain Lou

via Ryan Berenz

via Captain Lou

via mrjoshsexson

via KatzM

via KevinMWH

via hoganjack

via LenrikHundqvist

via MoleInABowl

via Iguodalanodon




via Zorak

via Chris Sobolowski

via Madoff Mets

via Chamomiles Davis

via tchotchke3

via GLGTimes

via MaydayMalone2814

via Ezekiel

via hogan jack

via Asianfauxhawk

via fatrick

via Ezekiel

via PolkPanther

via Chemical Genius

via Milhouse Without Glasses

And finally, here is your winner via Donny Ballgame:

Good job, Donny. Email us to claim your prize.