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The Knicks added Jeremy Lin to the roster last night in an effort to fix the fact that they have zero depth in the backcourt. He's the league's lone Asian-American player, and he's also the only Harvard grad in the pros. Get this kid a billboard.


Lin averaged 2.6 points and 1.4 assists in just under nine minutes a game for the Warriors last season, and got cut—rather cruelly—by the Rockets on Christmas Eve. But the beauty of the Knicks' all-frontcourt roster is that you can hang any dream you want on the backcourt. Maybe the currently sidelined Baron Davis can overcome obesity, apathy, and a bad back to become their new spiritual leader. Maybe Carmelo Anthony can reinvent himself as Magic Johnson. And maybe an Ivy League kid with swagger can get enough minutes to blossom into an NBA impact player.

Lin had better get those minutes fast, though, as his contract is completely non-guaranteed. Sooner or later, Davis and Iman Shumpert should recover from their injuries and get their own speculative Knicks careers going. Or James Dolan will send Isiah Thomas on a secret, Kissinger-style diplomatic flight to China to try to pry Starbury away from his happy exile. Anything is possible. But this week, it's Jeremy Lin.

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