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Someone emailed us today letting us know that, for their birthday, their friend was buying them one of the "You're With Me, Leather" T-shirts. We were touched and honored by this, though, to be fair, it doesn't take much to touch or honor us.

This shirts are going to be arriving in the next couple of weeks, we're told, and we'd like to formally issue a challenge to all readers. The first person to show up on national television while wearing this shirt officially wins a post of their own to do with what they please.


In fact, just to show you we're not being corporate drones about it, we'd like to extend the same offer to signs at any game, if you can't wait for the shirts to show up.

Or, we can all just wear our shirts, see someone else on the street wearing one, make brief, fleeting eye contact, and then just nod. Yeah. Feeling you, dawg. But don't say that part out loud, because you will almost certainly be beaten up for it.

"You're With Me, Leather" [Gawker Shop]