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1st Round, Sixteenth Overall: Buzzsaw Selects Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

You better adjust the tracking on your VCR if you want to watch game tape of Rodgers-Cromartie. Tennessee State games are taped using the surveillance cameras at the Stop & Rob across the street. "The tape is not real clear. You have to find him. This reminds me of an older time in scouting," according to NFLN expert Charley Casserly.

Now, I can record my kid's tee-ball games on a Sony handheld, and the resolution is so perfect you can count the boogers dripping from the shortstop's nose. I know Tennessee is a little backward (the state bird is a flying moonshine bottle), but you'd think a state school would own some decent video equipment. Maybe they shouldn't have hired Japanese horror director Hideo Nakata to edit the footage. "In this scene, Cromartie is haunted by the ghost of a quarterback he interecepted in a past life. The ghost can only be seen on game tape by a raven-haired martial arts vixen in a miniskirt who will be replaced with Katherine Heigl in the crappy American remake."

Once scouts found Rodgers-Cromartie, they knew they had something special. DRC is taller than most cornerbacks, and his long arms allow him to break up passes that other defenders don't reach. He has great quickness and can pluck an interception out of the sky. Tennessee State used him as an all-purpose cornerback-receiver-returner, and some scouts worried that he was just a bass in a minnow bucket who couldn't handle top competition. He allayed those concerns with an interception at the Senior Bowl and impressive off-season workouts.

As for the "Cromartie" thing: he is Antonio Cromartie's cousin. The last name isn't just a callous effort to get drafted. In other words, he's no Chad Henne -Montanaunitasofnazereth.


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