What happens when a chunky kid tries to dunk on a 7 foot goal? Six seconds of pure bliss. There are 19 more of these inluding a refresher on the trampoline dunk attempt that became a Deadspin HOF nominee. Cease all work. Immediately. You can't dunk. I can't dunk. Somebody in the comments will say they used to be able to dunk but he will be lying. Or one of those guys who considers it still to be dunking on a nine foot adjustable height rim. Dunking is rare for regular people, extremely rare. Some accountants don't believe it even exists. But those of us who can't actually dunk are fond of coming up with ways that we can dunk. Be that dunking on a trampoline, on short rims, or on any type of goal that allows us, just for a moment, to feel the supreme confidence of throwing a ball through a metal hoop. Without further ado we bring you the greatest collection of 20 dunking videos heretofore collected on the internets. As you can tell, making dumb decisions while attempting to dunk knows no national boundary and no ethnic division. In the spirit of the Olympics, enjoy. 20 ways to die while trying to dunk a basketball [Athlists]