2006 Police Report: Jovan Belcher Punched Through A Window

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CBS's Mike Freeman has tracked down documents from the University of Maine—where Belcher earned a degree in child development—that appear to confirm a story related by one of our commenters on Saturday, when news of the Belcher murder-suicide first surfaced.


The commenter claimed to be an EMT at the University of Maine while Belcher was also enrolled and said Belcher "had punched a window, the shards of glass cut his wrist, and completely severed his right thumb." The commenter also claimed it was because "Jovan got angry over a girl." The CBS report does not speak to this portion of the comment. According to the Maine documents, Belcher was accused of criminal mischief.

One police report, dated April 1, 2006, says police responded to a report of criminal mischief at a school campus residence. Police said that Belcher had punched his arm through a window.

Belcher was treated for an arm wound by medical personnel, according to the report.

Belcher was referred to Maine's judicial affairs department for disorderly conduct and restitution.


Maine had initially told reporters that there were no records involving Belcher (other than to request the opening of a locked door) but the police apparently had filed this report under a misspelled name.

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