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The 2022 Qatar World Cup continues to be a disastrous exercise for the world's most beautiful game. In addition to the deadly slave labor and oppressive heat, a CNN article from Monday points out that the city expected to host the final, Lusail, still needs to be built:

Some 20,000 workers — a small city unto itself — are building Lusail at an estimated cost of $45 billion. Developers hope to complete the city by 2019, three years before Qatar is scheduled to become the first Arab country to host the World Cup.


The one flaw in this plan is, by 2019, Qatar may not even be hosting the World Cup. The public pressure against holding the tournament there is rising, with even shitbag FIFA president Sepp Blatter admitting the process has been a total clusterfuck.

So while Qatar plays a high-stakes game of Sim City using slaves, our only hope is FIFA is pressured (or bribed) to leave Qatar before thousands more die to build some spoiled dude's paradise city. The World Cup, everybody!


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