The brand new Braun 390cc–4 shaver is $50 off, today only. There aren't any reviews on this model yet, but similar Braun shavers are very highly rated. In fact, it's the step down model of the Commerce Team's favorite razor. It even includes Braun's lauded self-cleaning system.

Braun 390cc–4 Shaving System | $100

In case you're unfamiliar, Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones are considered among the best you can buy. Even at their normal ~$150 price point, they're considered a good value, so today's deals should be very enticing.

Today on eBay, you can pick up the very capable GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition for $245, or about $55 off the usual price.

GoPro Hero3+ Silver | $245

It's not the GorillaPod you're likely familiar with, but everyone with a camera should have a small tripod like this for impromptu self photos or long exposure shots.

JOBY GorillaPod Micro | $10

Today only, Home Depot has special savings on propane-burning Sportsman generators of various sizes. These would be ideal for your next tailgate, and since propane doesn't degrade, you can keep several tanks on hand in case of a long power outage.






Home Theater







  • Trickster ($2) | Normally $10 | Fast access to recent files
  • Soulver ($2) | Normally $12 | Text-parsing calculator

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