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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled 44 Lies Roger Goodell Told In His Press Conference Today
  1. "It has been a season of amazing competition, challenges and real progress."
  2. "The NFL is made up of good and caring people."
  3. "We are doing more to protect our players from unnecessary risks."
  4. "Concussions were down 25%."
  5. "The quality of the game continues to improve."
  6. "Last year, technology improved officiating."
  7. "The possibility of expanding the playoffs has been a topic the last couple of years. There are positives to it."
  8. "We are continuing our work to uphold the highest standards of responsible conduct so that we represent our fans and communities in a way that will make them proud."
  9. "The new personal conduct policy emphasizes ongoing education, prevention, support services and raises the standards for all of us in the NFL. Most importantly, it is clearly more effective."
  10. "On the issue of footballs used in the AFC Championship game, Ted Wells and our staff have been hard at work conducting a thorough and objective investigation."
  11. "We are excited about the success of Thursday Night Football."
  12. "We have the best partners in media."
  13. "We have an enormous responsibility to lead every day by example."
  14. "It is what our fans deserve. We are humbled by and grateful for their passion."
  15. "We know we must earn the trust of our fans every day."
  16. "We have great people working for the NFL."
  17. "We are also, as we demonstrated with Ted Wells, not afraid to go outside and get outside perspective that can be valuable to us."
  18. "We want all of our franchises to stay in their current markets."
  19. "It has been a tough year on me personally."
  20. "It has been a year of humility and learning."
  21. "We have all done a lot of soul searching."
  22. "We have made enormous progress."
  23. "We are in a good place in knowing and learning and being more human."
  24. "We have done a great deal to bring more awareness to these issues of domestic violence and sexual assault."
  25. "We as the NFL want to make this an important issue where we can make a difference in society in general."
  26. "I think we have people that have uncompromising integrity."
  27. "Their integrity is impeccable."
  28. "We have done an excellent job of bringing outside consultants in."
  29. "I communicate with our players on a regular basis."
  30. "No one has more respect for the players."
  31. "Their well-being and future are important to me."
  32. "We want to make the game as safe as possible for them and make sure we do everything to make sure while they are here and when they transition out of football we are helping them be successful."
  33. "We will work with the players association."
  34. "We are not going to compromise the NFL."
  35. "The character that comes from playing a team sport like football is extraordinary."
  36. "Nice to meet you."
  37. "I played 65 this morning, as a matter of fact. I was in the gym at 4:45 doing the elliptical."
  38. "I believe in the importance of taking care yourself from a physical standpoint and emotional standpoint and mental standpoint."
  39. "I'm available to the media almost every day of my job professionally."
  40. "I do understand the passion for the fans in Las Vegas."
  41. "I love Ralph Wilson Stadium."
  42. "We want to make sure our fans are protected."
  43. "We want the truth, Mark."
  44. "Enjoy the weekend."

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