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49ers Team Doctor Found Dead, Was Suspect In Criminal Probe

Dr. Daniel Garza, the 49ers team physician and a professor of orthopaedic and emergency medicine at Stanford University, was found dead in his home Wednesday. It is being treated as a possible suicide and, according to KRON-Channel 4, he was being investigated for alleged "inappropriate behavior" with interns prior to his death.

Sources told the station that the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department was investigating Garza for alleged inappropriate behavior involving adult interns. Law enforcement officials refused to comment on the nature of the accusations, KRON reported, though they acknowledged the criminal probe began before Garza’s body was found.

According to a neighbor, about a week before his body was found, the street outside Dr. Garza's home was engulfed with squad cars and 10-15 uniformed officers, one of whom appeared to leave his home with evidence of some kind. He had not been seen in the neighborhood since.

Dr. Garza, who also served as physician for Stanford teams, was a leading researcher into traumatic brain injuries in athletes. He also advocated educating parents and children regarding the potential for injury in youth sports. He was 43 years old.


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