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$5 Yard Sale Find Turns Out To Be Floyd Landis Custom Bike

Once prized, the bike was discarded on the side of the road, and thought to be worthless. Much like Landis himself.

The 127 Corridor Sale is billed as the world's longest yard sale, extending from Michigan to Alabama along Route 127. So there had to be something worthwhile among the 600 or so miles of crap.


In Owenton, Ky., one resident found what looked like a broken down old bike. The seller said it had been abandoned on the highway, and all he wanted was $5 for it since the pedals were broken. Greg Estes paid his $5, and figured out pretty quickly they weren't broken; just some space-age custom made wizardry.

Turns out the bike was custom made for Floyd Landis, back before he became the Jose Canseco of cycling, and is worth thousands.

I feel like I've heard this story before. Call me when Maverick Carter beats the guy up and steals the bike back.


What a big deal [Owenton News-Herald]

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