Seems like a fair question to me: Why did the U.S. men dunk 20 times against China, considering the blowout nature of the game? But when a foreign journalist asked it of head coach Mike Krzyzewski, he almost lost a hand.

“There was no showing off,” Krzyewski said with an edge in his voice. “You dunk when you have to dunk. They have 7-footers. If you don’t take it hard, Yao would block it. He did block one. … I don’t know your definition of showing off, to me that’s hard basketball. I thought we played very hard. I thought we took it to the basket hard. Don’t confuse hard with showing off.”

You see, those Chinese are sneaky; you never know where they could be lurking. So Dwyane Wade's 180-degree breakaway dunk with his team up by 20, was completely warranted. You never know when Yao is going to appear and block it! From the bench!

You stay classy, Redeem Team.

U.S. versus Angola, as we speak. Where there will certainly be no running up of the score.

UPDATE: Final, United States 97, Angola 76.

Give Coach K An F For Diplomacy [Kansas City Star]