Jon Gruden seems like the kind of guy who would be fun to hang around with as long as you weren't a reporter covering the Bucs. Witness the caddying incident with John Daly. But he may have outdone himself when he coined a new nickname for enigmatic receiver Joey Galloway: The White Tiger. From The Love of the NFL:

Well according to Buccaneers Coach Jon Gruden, his star wide receiver's akin to a 300-pound white Bengal tiger who lives at Jungala, which is a new exhibit at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. As Gruden jokingly explains, "I've seen them (the white tigers) twice at Busch Gardens…Of course, I've been there (Busch Gardens) a hundred times."

This makes sense because the ageless Galloway hasn't practiced much in training camp. What is it, though, with Busch Gardens and its strange pull over the minds of people from Tampa? I went to Spain a few years ago with a Tampian and as we're walking through one of the streets in the center of the city, he taps me on the shoulder and says, "You know, this is just like the Europe section of Busch Gardens." White Tiger appears at Bucs camp [The Love of NFL]