It is a world ruled by machines; antiseptic, efficient, pitiless ... like The Matrix, only without the warmth. Sports Center's new graphics are even more curious than before. And you cannot help but watch.

I've always been fascinated by the Sports Center opening; especially the graphics, which seem to be assembled from components from a technology we know nothing about. That thing fits where? Why is that gizmo revolving? Hey look, it's a line that goes nowhere! The only item I recognize is that round thing in the photo to the left, which I believe is what R2D2 plugged into whenever Han needed a hatch opened on the Death Star. Yes, Sports Center has a new opening (video here), and new fun graphics, as seen above. And as Awful Announcing points out, it all coincides with the grand opening of their Los Angeles broadcast facility on April 6. Hey, Stu Scott will live in LA now. Booyah, dude.

But is the new graphics look unnecessary? Most cosmetic changes like these are designed to draw in more viewers, right? Does this do that? I liked the old graphics just fine. Wake me when they start broadcasting in 3D; that would be cool.

Sports Center Is Getting A New Makeover, Intro [Awful Announcing]