A golf course in northern Indiana has a geese problem. Specifically, there's too many of them, honking and crapping everywhere. The city council's solution? Golfers with guns.

The Rochester, Ind., city council just approved issuing hunting permits for the Round Barn Golf Club, after years of complaints about Canada Geese invading the course every winter. Five hunters a day will take out as many geese as they can.

Police Chief Jodi Miller said it wouldn't be any problem finding enough hunters. "The problem's going to be deciding who gets to do it. We'll have to draw straws or something," she said.

It's not just the geese themselves disrupting things. Each goose can make 1.5 lbs. of poop a day, a number matched only by John Daly. And said poop "creates a play hazard for golfers, especially on the green where 'you want your ball to roll freely.'"


Unfortunately the course will be closed during hunts, depriving the world of gun golf, which I really think could inject some much-needed life into Versus's lineup.

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