Oh, and if the Tigers' weekend wasn't bad enough already—those unexplained marks on Miguel Cabrera's face? There's an explanation all right and it isn't pretty. Domestic dispute. Alcohol. Cops. Fraternizing with the enemy. Oh, Miggy....

Early Saturday morning, police were called to the Cabrera home in the Detroit suburb of Birmingham on a "family trouble" incident. Cabrera's wife was upset because her husband apparently came home late, drunk, and loud and woke up their sleeping daughter. Obviously, that did not go over well. When police arrived, Miguel had scratches on his face and a broken necklace and his wife had a fat lip, but neither would say what happened. The cops took Miguel to the police station, gave him a blood alcohol test—which he failed miserably—and released to him to the custody of the Tigers.


Investigators determined that both husband and wife were "aggressors" so there's a good chance no charges will be filed. However, Tiger fans who might be willing to look the other way on the domestic abuse will probably have a harder time forgiving Cabrera's baseball transgression. The reason he came home so late was because he was out partying with members of the Chicago White Sox.

It's bad enough he was getting hammered in the middle of the most important series of the year and staying out until 6:00 a.m. the night before a must-win, season-on-the-line game, but to get sloshed alongside the team that's standing in your way? Yuking it up with a "hated" rival just hours after they put your playoff hopes in jeopardy? I'm beginning to suspect his commitment to laid off auto workers is not as strong as we've been led to believe.

By they way, Cabrera went 0-11 this weekend. That doesn't help either.

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