Every week, Alan Siegel and Deadspin's crack video team will break down Rex Ryan's frequent use of profanity on HBO's Hard Knocks. Episode 1: "Fuck" narrowly edges "shit."

If HBO's Hard Knocks teaches us anything, it's that New York Jets coach Rex Ryan loves to work blue. In an unintentional tribute to the late George Carlin during the reality show's season premiere, Ryan employs his own set of dirty words (the comedian's version was filthier). Not including "poop"–-in one priceless exchange, Ryan hands LaDainian Tomlinson a packet of articles about the Jets and calls it "poop material"—the coach curses eight different ways.


Below are our findings for Episode 1. If we missed any expletives, or if our tally is off, please let us know.

Peter King counted 23 "off-color" words in Episode 1. We think he's fucking full of shit.


*One particular Ryan F-bomb occurred during a video flashback to last season's playoffs. Even though it's a flashback and technically didn't occur during training camp, we're counting it because we fucking love profanity.

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