Brian Birrer made a statue of Jackie Robinson and took it to D.C. for the Nationals' Jackie Robinson Day. Several thousand dollars of damage occurred when it was tackled and now the Nationals are giving him the run around.

In an email to Vin Scully Is My Homeboy, Birrer says that he was rushed out of the area where the statue was placed by Nationals officials because "people [were] taking pictures." They offered him a free t-shirt and washed their hands of him:

When I tried to contact their legal department about their blanket insurance policy possibly covering my damage, I was totally ignored, until I contacted Marla Lerner-Tannenbaum, who had to lean on her legal people to at least call me back. I've since given up trying to get them to do anything for me because they've made it painfully obvious that I will get nothing.

Birrer says that he wants to take the statue out to Dodger Stadium for their next Jackie Robinson Day and we think that would be just great. So, Dodgers fans: write letters to the team to get them to accept Brian's statue for their next Jackie Robinson Day. It's two notches above the least you could do. The least you could do is nothing. The second least you could do is write a blog post.

Jackie Robinson Statue on the Disabled List [Vin Scully Is My Homeboy]

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