Remember this? According to documents we've obtained, Jenn Sterger was contacted by Brett Favre — or by someone she was led to believe was Brett Favre — through an intermediary: Jets media relations manager Jared Winley.

We have MySpace messages, voicemails, and — yes — those photos, all apparently sent by Favre to Sterger, who at the time was working as the Jets' in-house sideline reporter.

The courtship involved a phony MySpace account under the improbable name "Screaming Lord Byron" — a David Bowie reference. Please suspend your disbelief for a moment.

"Screaming Lord Byron" introduced himself:

This was followed by a phone number:

It was from this number that Sterger later received the two voicemails and the three cock photos that we'll have for you tomorrow.

Around this time, Sterger was approached by a man who she thinks either worked for the Jets or for Favre himself. Someone wanted her number, Sterger was told, and she'd like who it is. It quickly became apparent to her that the person in question was Favre. (We couldn't reach Sterger this time around for comment, unsurprisingly.) A snippet of one of the voicemails:

It's not clear if the man who approached her was Winley. (Later in the above voicemail, Favre, or a person who sounds very much like Favre, says, "I know I think Aaron" — not Jared — "came up and asked you if you would give him my, your number, or he was gonna give you my number.")


We've put in a call to Winley and left an email message. He hasn't responded. However, Winley has spoken with Sunshine Public Relations, a firm that works closely with the Jets. He tells Sunshine he never interacted with Sterger and never had a phone conversation with her, adding that he was not the main PR contact for Favre. The Jets have issued a statement through Sunshine PR, saying that "this is the first they've heard of this situation." The team also made it known that Sterger was a contractor hired to work on game days only, and that she didn't work directly for the Jets.