Don't let anybody tell you magazines don't contribute to the greater good. Take Chicago Parent, for example, wherein Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears debuts his literary skillz in April. Check it:

I love Chicago, and I wouldn't want to play for any other team than the Bears. But there's one thing I love more than football or the Bears-and I hate to disappoint any fans out there-but that's my little man, my son, Devin.

Dag, that's good enough to make we wish Tallahassee-Atlanta-San Diego-Smyrna-Charlotte-Houston-Los Angeles-New Jersey Parent would clear some space for "Hangin' with Alonzo, Karis, A.J. Deyjah, Tyler, London, Leilani, Julian and Jerzie." (Reilly'd!)

Devin Hester's debut: Hangin' with Devin [Chicago Parent]