In the last two months, BYU has become a symbol of righteousness in college sports, thanks to the school's strict adherence to its honor code and the tenets of the Mormon faith. A look at nearly two decades of honor code violations paints a very different picture. Since 1993, we've found, at least 70 BYU Cougars have run afoul of the honor code. Eighty percent were minorities. Sixty percent were black. This is "America's team"? READ »

In Their Own Words

Tico Pringle, defensive back (2006): "When you sign the honor code, you pretty much sign your life away." READ »

Ray Hudson, running back (2004-06): "I would advise no African-American man to go" To BYU. READ »

Thomas Stancil, running back (2002-03): "Going to BYU was the worst decision I ever made." READ »

Two Decades Of Honor Code Violations

A look at some athletes who've run afoul of the honor code since 1993, and how the school — and occasionally the law — decided to punish them. VIEW »