Now Holyfield wants in - stop paying to watch old people punch each other

Guess who wants another go at Mike Tyson?
Guess who wants another go at Mike Tyson?
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As if we needed a resolution for the infamous ear-biting debacle of 1997.

Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, and Roy Jones Jr. are legends. Three of the best ever by all accounts. At a time where a pandemic is still ravaging the alleged “world’s greatest country,” and where we’re learning more about CTE than in any prior generation, we should not be encouraging these men, well past their best days, and all past very tragic ones, to return to the ring in any capacity.


After being either inspired or left out by Tyson and Jones this past Saturday, Holyfield posted this on Monday.

Which evidently was going to set up this today, confirming that he did not only feel distant from the club, but offended at his non-participation.

Respectfully, Evander, the world ain’t really waiting for this. The world is waiting for a peaceful White House transition of power, along with safe vaccines and an actual pandemic plan. In regards to boxing, in particular, the world is waiting for Terence Crawford to be matched up with a top tier PBC welterweight, a potential third Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin bout, or an Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury super fight.

I mean, ain’t nobody going to stop people from doing what they want, but we shouldn’t be encouraging (or sanctioning) this from people so long removed from even being over-the-hill professionally. The activity in bloodsport should be left to those in top shape and are currently actively building their careers, not the ones trying to reclaim their once all-time stature multiple decades removed, nor should it be broadcast by those willing to profit off of this.


We’re lucky that Jones wasn’t knocked out by Tyson like he had been in terrifying fashion against Antonio Tarver, Glen Johnson, Dennis Lebedev or Enzo Maccarinelli.

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Holyfield’s most recent bout was in May of 2011. Before the exhibition, Tyson hadn’t fought in over 15 years. And why is it even being called an exhibition? All it is are women’s boxing rules of two minutes per round. There’s no headgear, and there’s clearly an intent to win, not to solely smile and entertain.


As fans and media following combat sports, we love their work, recognize their greatness, and respect their legacies … but we don’t need to encourage this. Not now, not ever.

I mean, damn, they even laughed about it seven years ago! Let it go!