On Tuesday, the St. Louis Cardinals traded infielder Skip Schumaker to the Los Angeles Dodgers for some guy named Jake Lemmerman. Who is Jake Lemmerman? The baseball record says he's nobody special, a 24-year-old utility infielder who's put up decent numbers in the minors and profiles as a solid backup. But that's not the only evaluation of Lemmerman's talents: In college, he made the legendary Duke Fuck List as "Subject 7." Let's review the scouting report, shall we? (Click images to enlarge)

Strengths: Executes the cutoff perfectly. Weaknesses: Inconsistent release point.

Strengths: Alertness, activity. Weaknesses: Tries to do too much.

Strengths: Quick hands. Weaknesses: Chases Everything.

Overall, we think the Cardinals got themselves a hell of a player.

h/t Emeritus