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Mickey Rourke has made his living as an actor, and if you expected his sanctioned boxing match today in Moscow against a 29-year-old to be totally legitimate then you've been watching too many movies.

The match against Elliot Seymour was scheduled for five rounds, but lasted less than two after we're led to believe the 1-9 Seymour was leveled by a 62-year-old's body shots. Yes, Rourke did have a brief professional boxing career of his own, but that was more than 20 years ago. Just watch the video; it's a farce.


We don't even need to imply that Seymour took a dive; a guy with a 1-9 record fighting 25 pounds above his usual weight is probably taking the L against anybody, even somebody 33 years older. But seriously, Mickey: when the guy you're boxing "goes down," you should probably stop punching him.


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