63-Year-Old Bill Lee Pitches, Wins

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The Grizzled old hippie started a game for the Brockton Rox over the weekend. It was a publicity stunt, sure, but the old dude was still pretty good!

Spaceman went 5 and 1/3, and gave up two runs on five hits. He even managed to strike out a guy 33 years his junior. Sure, the Can-Am league is no great shakes, but a lot of these guys played AA and even AAA ball; they're no patsies.

Said opposing manager Rich Gedman (wow, Red Sox reunion!):

How many people could pull that off? That's what is special. He did it because he believed he could do it. He loves to play. That's a wonderful tribute to him. Despite all the other stuff that people talk about, baseball is special to him and it's fun to watch him."


Opposing hitters said they were wholly unprepared for 50 eephus pitches in a row.

Lee was unavailable for comment because he's, like, so high right now, man.

Tornadoes manager Rich Gedman left impressed by Bill Lee's performance [The Enterprise]