All Alfredo Dagna could do upon taking in the results of the Argentina soccer federation’s presidential election last night was collapse into his chair, propping his head up with his hand, probably so that he didn’t start banging it against the table. Those results? 38 votes for the challenger, 38 for the incumbent. The problem? There were only 75 voters.

According to Argentine paper Clarín, the whole thing was broadcast on the AFA’s Youtube channel and seemingly went off without a hitch. It wasn’t until they added up the votes that they realized something was wrong. A translation of the moment right after it hit them, as shown in the video above:


-Let’s talk about it with the president, get the president over here.

-It’s impossible, 38 to 38, it’s impossible.

-38 to 38 is impossible.

-So what do we do now?

-We have to do the election over.

-They’re tied.

-Someone gave two [votes].

After discussing the matter, the first proposed recourse was to do a revote by a show of hands. They soon realized this was impossible, since some members had already left to return home; now they’ll have to schedule another time to get everyone together and hope everyone votes just once. See? It’s not just the big shots in FIFA that are corrupt and/or incompetent.


h/t Diego