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Most Cubs fans know that since 1995, the Lakeview Baseball Club has maintained a Cubs Futility Odometer on its building on Sheffield Avenue, across the street from Wrigley. The sign marks the number of years since the Cubs have won a division title, NL pennant and World Series; the latter number, of course, which turned over to triple digits this year. One problem: No room for that last zero. So the sign took a little longer to update this year. But Home Run Derby reports that the task has finally been accomplished, and here it is. 100!

One which read EAMUS CATULI, which reads “LET’S GO CUBS” in Latin. Actually, it’s LET’S GO WHELPS — I had two years of Latin in High School … it’s close enough. And another sign which (at the time in ‘95) read AC115087. Back in 1996, my Dad thought it was the number of Cub fans who had died waiting for the Cubs to get back to the World Series — but 125,188 was just too small a number.


The AC stand for Anno Catuli, Latin for “Year of the Cubs.” A lot has been written about the magical 100-year futility mark, but that 63-year NL pennant drought is starting to look pretty impressive as well. They Updated The Cubs Futility Odometer [Home Run Derby]

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