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96-Year-Old Man Gets Hole In One, Dishes Wonderful Golf Wisdom

Before we get into this story, I just want to point out that it features a 96-year-old man named Mel Boonstra and his golfing partner Gord Grevengoed. Every old man in America should be named Mel Boonstra or Gord Grevengoed.

Anyway, caught up with Boonstra after he made his first hole in one after more than 50 years of golfing, and asked him what golf means to him. His response, which you can see in the video above, is awesome. Basically, he loves golf because it's all about nature, good times, and good buddies. Buddies like Gord Grevengoed.


The accompanying article is also full of all kinds of endearing old-man quotes from Boonstra, including this one:

Boonstra used his driver on the 110 yard par-3. He doesn't hit it as far as he used to but said he was fine with that.

"I'm surprised that I'm still golfing," Boonstra said. "I've slipped a lot this summer. Things change. I don't try to anticipate, I play for the moment. I still enjoy life and I'm blessed with friends."


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