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A Baby Name Which Will Cause No Future Embarrassment Whatsoever

When all is said and done, I blame the mom. When your last name is Karr, and dad comes up with the brilliant idea of naming the new baby Chevy, that's when you put your foot down, ladies. And you put it down hard ... on dad's genitals while he's sleeping, if necessary. And if he still insists, then you take the kids and get the hell out.

Roger Karr Jr.'s first wheels were a Chevy El Camino. In fact, he's driven nothing but Chevys ever since So it seemed only fitting that he named his first-born son after his favorite brand of car, with the name of his favorite NASCAR driver — Dale Earnhardt Jr. — thrown in for good measure. Chevy Dale Karr arrived at Brandon Regional Hospital on June 13.


The good news is that this kid is surely destined to snap from the taunting no later than second grade; while he's still too young to do any real damage.

Actually I'm a little more concerned about a baby born the next day at the same hospital ... named Alexavier Love Ledesma. Hey, I think we've found the next Harry Potter villain!

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