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In their ongoing quest to become Blazers East, the Cincinnati Bengals have seen another member of their football team get arrested. And DT Matthias Askew has done it in grand style, somehow managing to get tasered after a parking violation. I am applauding politely.

According to officers, Askew was asked to move his illegally parked car, and he ignored the warning. He then refused to give identification. He then resisted arrest, and then the officer sent some voltage through his 6'5", 302-lb. body.

A lot of Bengals have gotten arrested for a lot of things, but really, Chris Henry's league-record arrest streak notwithstanding, this one takes the cake. Making the difficult progression from parking violation to taser gun is rare and remarkable. Most guys would probably just move their car. Matthias Askew took a much bolder stance, and I think he deserves some credit for it.

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