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A Brawl In The Stands At A Canadian Lingerie Football League Game Involved A Shirtless Guy AND A Guy In A Gronk Jersey

What is there to do in moderate-sized cities in Canada's western provinces when there is no NHL hockey? (Remember, there is no NHL hockey. There is a lockout, as there has been for nearly a month now. The lockout will not end soon, because both sides are more concerned with rapping about ice surfaces than getting back to work.) There's always major junior hockey, but the Saskatoon Blades and Regina Pats are both off to so-so starts. The Prince Albert Raiders are running away with things. So fans turn to the Lingerie Football League to fill a void.

What happens? Bad things happen, as you see in the video. Men get shirtless, and then they fight men in Rob Gronkowski jerseys. Hockey's gotta come back.


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