Whew, this week is almost over; the week in between Christmas and New Years is always brutal for anyone who has to work, and a slow sports week didn't help. So, we're glad we're almost done. So, to almost wrap up, let's play with some Strongest Man Competition.

Yep, ESPN is still running that. We didn't realize that. It seems like the perfect thing for them to run as a New Years Day marathon on ESPN Classic or something, actually.

Who doesn't like the World's Strongest Man competition? My wife and I spent the entire evening watching the qualifying rounds and the final. But we didn't just watch it, we actually got involved: cheering for our favorites and encouraging the athletes as they tried to complete one last Herculean task. It's the first time I've stood up and cheered for a televised sporting event not involving USC in quite some time. Same goes for my wife. It was among the most satisfying things we've watched from any entertainment medium in weeks.

We couldn't agree more. This is the perfect hangover remedy, we'd have to think.

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