There are car chargers, and then there are car chargers. This model from Mpow features two USB ports, and 20W of power, which means you could charge two full-sized iPads at nearly full speed at the same time. At $7, why not?

Mpow 20W 4.2A Car Charger | $7 | Promo Code MPOW42AP

Whether you're filling it with craft beer, or just a lot of water for a day trip, this stainless steel growler will keep your drinks cold (or hot) without sweating, thanks to its double wall construction. You get your choice of black, white, or silver.

Lifeline 64 oz. Stainless Steel Growler | $23

Here are a couple of solid sets of cheap headphones on sale, including one that's both Bluetooth and waterproof.

There's not much to say here other than that it's an HDMI switch for $6. If you think you might need one, this is a great price.

Fosmon 3-Port Compact HDMI Switch | $6

This ingenious device turns just about any standard water bottle into a makeshift Camelbak, at only a fraction of the cost.

Blue Desert SmarTube Hydration System | $11

Today in the no-brainer category, Android owners can get $20 worth of Android apps, in the form of Amazon coins, for $7. All you have to do is buy GTA: San Andreas from the Amazon App Store, which costs 7 bucks and comes with 2000 free coins ($20). If you want the game then all the better, but either way, you're getting $13 to spend on apps for free. [GTA: San Andreas with 2000 coins, $7]

These highly-rated jack stands are a must-own for anyone who likes to do their own car maintenance, and are under $23 today.

Torin 3 Ton Double Locking Jack Stands (2 Pack) | $23

Perfect for anyone who spends time outdoors, this grenade-looking thing actually contains 7' of paracord, fishing gear, tin foil, a knife blade, and a fire starter. If you ever go hiking, it might be worth picking this up at $13.

The Friendly Swede Carabiner Grenade Survival Kit | $13






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