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A Case Study In Why You Shouldn't Share An Email Address With Your Lovely Wife

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Tipster Matthew D. recently shared details of what happened when a guy named Christian dropped out of their fantasy football league. All participants are from the PA/NJ/NY area but for Christian, who's from Seattle. "Only one of us has had the privilege of meeting him in person," Matthew pointed out.


Matthew specifically pointed toward a sternly worded email sent by the dropper-outter's bride. It came in the wake of dropper-outter's explanation that "God forbids betting and he made a personal vow not to offend God's wishes," which was met by an email set-to in which league members "railed on him for being such a turd."

Here's what she had to say:

Dear Losers,

The fact that I am having to write this letter is shameful. Are your lives nothing more than beer stench, swearing, and talking about each other's mothers in a sexual manner? For various reasons, I am elated that my husband will no longer be in your football league. Let me name a few:

He will now be able to concentrate on more important things on Sundays.

Why would you ever want to gamble and put money on overpaid millionaires that do nothing but beat each other's brains in?

The amount of time invested in having to play in all these leagues is ridiculous. Get a LIFE!

As demanded by Ronnie G., here is his official resignation letter. Making the league a money league was the last straw. Why not play for fun? I hope the league is investigated by the F.B.I. for gambling violations as this is against the law anyways.

I will say this, my husband makes his own decisions (with his own moral compass) and I could not control this decision if he really wanted to play. Factors of religion and myself came into play, but he could have decided to skirt morals and play for free and when he won again he would have donated the money to a charity. But didn't Judas give the 30 pieces of silver back after betraying Jesus? Gambling is still gambling and you all need to grow up and get on with your lives.

Have fun with yourselves and your league,


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