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A Chuck Norris Doppelgänger Was Doing Bizarre Things On ESPN Today

I hate those faux walls they put up behind basketball announcers during booth shots. You know what I'm talking about, those screens they erect to make it look like the broadcasters are in a studio while simultaneously blocking the view of people up front who are trying to watch Quick Change or Frisbee Dog or the Zooperstars or whatever else entertainment is happening on the court during the break. They're deceptive and silly and overall an annoyance.

Then you watch today's Ohio State-Wisconsin game and realize, hey, maybe those things really do have a purpose. [ESPN]

This is a Deadspin Video, in which strange sports moments are slowed down to ridiculous speeds and matched with indie music. This video features "Turn The TV Off " by Love Is All. See previous episodes here.

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