Blue Jays infielder Brett Lawrie will sit out the next four games after throwing a tantrum on home plate umpire Bill Miller during the ninth inning of Toronto's game against Tampa Bay. "It took a bad hop and hit him totally by accident," stated Lawrie, who appealed the suspension though he does plan to apologize to Miller.

That having been said, the third baseman doesn't sound very apologetic:

The only thing I would change is maybe not throwing the helmet or any equipment toward the umpire because you can get an unlucky hop and have the kind of mess that's going on right now.


Yes, that's right. "Maybe don't throw things at the umpire" is a good lesson to learn. The advanced course teaches you the essential "Definitely don't throw things at the umpire," but we're sure Lawrie will graduate to that eventually. (The postgraduate-level "Don't show up the umpire by sprinting to first on assumption you drew a walk" might be a bit beyond him.)

To commemorate Lawrie's act, here's a GIF of the incident for you to enjoy.


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