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A Complete Failure To Put A Body On McCoy

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I shouldn't let the day pass without mentioning the exploits of Matewan High School running back Paul McCoy, who ran for 658 yards (though the local paper says 661) in a single game last night. He also added 10 touchdowns en route to a 64-0 nailbiter victory, and he had another 77-yard run called back on a holding penalty. Like this guy needs his offensive linemen to cheat.

The previous high school record was believed to be 619 yards, held by Ronney Jenkins, who used to return kicks for the San Diego Chargers. The 10 touchdowns, though, is not a record, though it would tie him for 2nd. In 1930, a fellow named Ken Pearson scored 12.


Some other facts that might help put that number in perspective:

• 658 is the exact amount of yards that Matt Hasselbeck has thrown for this season.
• The Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, and Tampa Bay Bucs have combined for fewer than 658 rushing yards on the year.
• Assuming that McCoy didn't have any receptions, his game last night would have been worth 125 points in most standard fantasy leagues.
• The Raiders, in 2 games this year, have gained less than half of 658 yards in total offense.

And yeah, those are Matewan High School cheerleaders. Apparently, no pictures exist on the internet of this McCoy fellow. How many yards does he have to gain before someone takes a damn picture of him?

UPDATE: Just got this tip about Ronney Jenkins, or, more specifically, Have a look.


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