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A Couple Of Late-Game Missed Free Throws Are Not Making This Clemson Fan Happy


Your morning roundup for Feb. 8. H/T to Eddie for the video. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

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What we're watching (all times EST, unless noted): Georgetown at Syracuse (ESPN), Kansas at Baylor (ESPN2), and Cincinnati at St. John's (ESPNU) in men's college basketball at 7. New York at Washington (NBATV) in NBA basketball at 7. Duke at North Carolina (ESPN), Seton Hall at Rutgers (ESPN2), and Notre Dame at West Virginia (ESPNU) in men's college basketball at 9. Houston at Portland (NBATV) in NBA basketball at 10.


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Remembering Ricky: "Is Ricky here? ‘Yes, Ricky's here. He's in one of the tents.' No way. Only his is one of maybe a hundred tents, raindrops tattooed in the dust, surfboards banked against the tea trees. Tricky, until out of a communal kitchen hut belching smells and steam comes music: a man's voice, soft, polite, Californian. Telltale. ‘Oh, no thank you. This is fine, thank you.' A peek through the open door. And there's Ricky Williams, son of San Diego, the winner of the Heisman trophy at the University of Texas, the man the New Orleans Saints traded an entire draft class to acquire, and the holder of nine rushing records in Miami. There he is, his beard longer than his hair and all his piercings pulled out, wrestling to squeeze the life juice from a giant stalk of celery. No fucking way." [Esquire]

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Feb 8, 2008: You Can Use Steroids With A Beer Can?



Welcome home to Pittsburgh, Todd Haley: "But to hire this guy? Rooney had a longtime connection with Haley's father, Dick, the Steelers' famed personnel man from 1971-90, and this sure has the feel of that connection paying off. Yes, Tomlin interviewed Todd Haley. Yes, there's even a chance Tomlin liked him, though they appear to have zilch in common. But this process has Rooney's fingerprints from start to finish. We know Tomlin wanted Arians back, but Rooney overruled him. We know a few of Tomlin's players—notably Roethlisberger—pushed for quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner to get Arians' old job, and Rooney evidently overruled that, too. It's hard to tell what anyone's thinking on the South Side. Tomlin has barely made a peep since the Steelers were Tebowed, and he wasn't quoted in the team's statement Tuesday. Haley himself was whisked in and out of headquarters without a spoken word. Pardon this pun, especially if you're picking through a salad, but I smell a rat." [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]


All the help he can get: "The Texas Rangers have hired Shayne Kelley as a major league staff assistant and part of his duties will be to support Josh Hamilton, general manager Jon Daniels said Tuesday night." [ESPN]

Your Camel Trying To Eat A Reporter's Head Interlude:

To the victors...: "Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, who usually delivers hits to linebackers, didn't hesitate to take big-mouthed Gisele Bundchen to task during the Giants victory rally at MetLife Stadium. '[Bundchen] just needs to continue to be cute and shut up," Jacobs said while on the stadium's field. Jacobs was miffed that Bundchen would throw her husband's co-workers under the bus after the Giants' 21-17 win." [New York Post]


At least it's going to charity: "The Minnesota Twins found a way for their Community Fund to benefit from the 72-day marriage between NBA player Kris Humphries and famous person Kim Kardashian. The Twinkies announced they are auctioning a baseball signed by the celebrity pair and, as of early Wednesday morning, the bidding was up to $1,000." [Big League Stew]

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