As noted in an earlier threadjack, Cubs' slugger Derrek Lee got into it with 6'10" Padres pitcher Chris Young. Lee, as angry baseball players are apt to do, swung wildly, and Young did not back down. Had this one not been broken up, I'd like Young's chances.

I don't think any actual punches landed, being that this was a baseball fight and all. But at least they tried ... you've got to like the signs of life from the Cubbies. And I might be wrong at this, but when Young is pushed back by a teammate, it looks like Lee takes a little bit of a detour on the way to get back at Young.

Oh, and Carlos Zambrano also has a no-hitter going in the 7th.

(UPDATE: No no-hitter for Carlos Zambrano. Or shutout. Or win. Russ Branyan is hung like a bull-moose.)