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The computers had "unofficial first down line" in the top right hand corner, and "Big 12 championship tiebreaker" went undefeated in the regular season. Regardless, neither will be participating in one of the 24 spots on this bingo sheet for tonight's live blog.


Pre-Game Babble

Dash incidentally stole my pre-game babble thunder earlier, but everything he said pretty much sums it up, especially the part about me live blogging this. That is absolutely true. What he didn't mention, though, is what actual alligators think about tonight's big game. Actual alligators, could you comment on what you expect out of tonight's...


...Interesting analysis. You're expecting a quiet, lifeless night from Juaquin Iglesias and they hope to get under the placekicker's skin. Thanks for the prediction, gators!

All we can hope for is a good game, a minimization of the star athlete reacharounds, and a maximization of Urban Meyer/Bowling Green mentions.


Deadspin BCS Championship Live Blog (fun-tacularityness begins at 8 p.m.)

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